When individuals make false accusations of domestic violence, they abuse the laws protecting victims of actual domestic violence crimes. Often, though, these false accusations are made to blackmail or control another person. Some reasons why people choose to falsely accuse their significant others of domestic violence include:

  • Gain child custody
  • Obtain the upper hand during a divorce
  • Avoid legal fees

Since domestic violence charges have such harsh consequences for those convicted, even a false accusation can be devastating to the personal and professional life of the accused.  You should not have to suffer because of a false accusation of domestic violence. The attorneys at JABRO LAW GROUP APC are dedicated to protecting the freedoms and rights of those who have been accused of domestic abuse and other crimes. Contact our offices at (619) 906-5555 today to discuss your case and learn how we may be able to fight for you.  Our attorneys will aggressively defend you against false civil and criminal accusations of abuse.  Our office has first-hand experience in successfully defending false accusations of domestic violence.


I was recently accused of a false restraining order.  My now ex-wife wanted to gain an advantage over me in both our divorce and custody matters.  I hired Michael Jabro who successfully defended my case.  In defending my case, Mr. Jabro learned that my ex-wife signed a declaration under penalty of perjury fabricating near criminal accusations of abuse.  During litigation Mr. Jabro obtained admissions from my ex-wife that her accusations were all lies and that she was merely “bluffing”.   She later turned on her own attorney and accused him of making up facts.  Mr. Jabro defeated her defense by confirming that she signed the declaration implying that she read the declaration.

Mr. Jabro also proved that my ex-wife served our five year old son shots of alcohol and mocked him when he threw up.  Mr. Jabro examined her text messages where she claimed that my son was referring to an incident that happened a year ago while in her care and custody.  I not only found out that she served him with alcohol on this occasion but that she had been doing it constantly.  During the ordeal, my ex-wife contacted the police twice in an attempt to support her accusations.  Once, she called the police when I questioned her about giving my son alcohol and demanded she bring the children to my house.  The cops interviewed her at the scene and questioned her motives.  She attempted to say I assaulted her.  They asked her what she was doing at my house on her custodial day.  She stated that I demanded to bring the kids due to “accusations that she served my children alcohol”.  Immediately the Police saw through her lies and warned her to leave without our children. 

Recently she filed another declaration under penalty of perjury, failed to serve me with the paperwork, and attended Court knowing I was not served.  Mr. Jabro immediately sought relief against my ex-wife due to her misconduct.  Mr. Jabro also got her to admit that she lied to friends and family claiming that I “abused her” for years.  She later stated that her family and friends were liars and she would never say she was abused when in fact she was not.

Mr. Jabro was relentless in fighting for my rights.  I would recommend Mr. Jabro to anyone who is dealing with a high conflict divorce or custody battle.  The mere fact that my children will grow up knowing that their father was wrongly accused of domestic violence by their mother for a financial gain is priceless.  I would like to thank Mr. Jabro and his team for their help during this battle.

Ricky V.