When things get really tough, and you THINK you’ve had enough- It’s sometimes hard to know what to do. Do you stay because of the children? Do you stay because of the financial security? Do you leave with the kids? Do you stay with the kids? Do you file for separation or divorce? What’s the difference?!

These and MANY more questions are flowing through your head on a daily basis.

Interestingly, there s not much difference between divorce and legal separation. In the state of California, courts have the same power to divide assets and debts in a legal separation as they do in a divorce, so you may ask: What is the purpose of a legal separation? The most common reasons for choosing a legal separation over divorce these days is the preservation of medical insurance benefits. With healthcare at an all time high, and the cost of living in this beautiful state as well, couples are choosing not to stay married for the children anymore but for the healthcare benefits. But they still don’t want to live together! 🙂

The other main reasons for separation are religious beliefs and the uncertainty about a final termination of a marital relationship.

Regardless of your personal preference for a legal separation, here at Jabro Law Group, we can offer the experienced legal support you need. We handle all issues that may arise in a legal separation or if you decide later that you want to file for divorce, we can amend the petition to a divorce and continue with the proceedings on your behalf.
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