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Family Law in San Diego

“Michael, I would like to thank you and your entire legal team for all of your efforts in getting my case to settlement. It was a long, stressful journey and I could not have asked for better legal representation. You are extremely good at what you do, conscientious and accountable. Your experience as a CPA and Forensic Accountant not only saved me money in expert fees but your knowledge and experience superseded my expectations. You were able to prove my allegations that he was hiding money and assets. The first attorney I dealt with wanted to hire an expert to review years of financial information. I am impressed with your background and the fact that you narrowed the issues and minimize expert fees. I have the highest level of respect for your dedication to representing people like me during the most vulnerable time of my life. If anyone is contemplating a divorce or child custody matter talk to Michael Jabro before you talk to any other attorney. Once again thank you so much for everything you did for me. Words cannot describe the respect I have for you and your firm.”

– Melanie S.

San Diego Divorce Lawyer

“If you’re looking for an attorney, scratch that, a firm that looks out for you, that works as a team on your case, that treats you like family I have to say I don’t think any other team could make you feel the way that Michael treated me. I was shocked when I first retained Michael. He gave me his cell phone and told me to call him anytime to discuss my case. No attorney I have ever dealt with provided me with such personal attention. Throughout my divorce Michael understood that my children meant the world to me and right off the bat he realized that my wife was using my children as a negotiating tool. My wife asked for physical custody and offered me one day a week visitation. Michael saw through her manipulative ways and made sure that the message was clearly conveyed to the Judge. I ended up with fifty percent custody of my children. What is even more outstanding regarding Jabro Law Group’s services, when I got my invoice, I was never charged for almost 25 calls. Michael you are one of the most aggressive and competent person I have ever met. Your representation has taught my wife to never bring frivolous actions against me. You are amazing. Thank you for everything you did for me and my kids. You got my family back.”

 – Ferriol Herrera

Family Law Attorney San Diego

“It only took 5+ years, but I finally have the greatest Family Law Attorney on the planet now! Thank you, Michael Jabro!! He got me what I have wanted from three prior attorneys in one month then they did in the five years that I have worked with them. He is reasonable, does not deal with frivolous arguments. I came in wanting the world and he helped me realize that what I wanted was not healthy for my kids or myself. His recommendations invaluable. It’s hard to meet an attorney that cares about you and not your money. He could have easily taken my case to trial but instead sat me in his office and I will never forget what he said….” Maryanne would you like to pay me $5,000.00 to go to Court to argue about a used car or would you like to settle, take the attorney fees that you would save and spend it on your kids”. I have so much respect for you Michael. Thank you for putting things in perspective and resolving my issues. You took on a heated divorce and actually helped me not only resolve my disputes with my husband amicably but saved a mother/father relationship for the sake of our two children. You are outstanding.”

– Sandra Owen

San Diego Child Custody Attorney

“My divorce and subsequent custody situation have been very painful and the most difficult experiences in my life. When my wife filed for divorce she shattered my dreams of providing our three sons with a normal life. I was torn, depressed, and watching my life fall apart. I am so grateful that my friend referred me to your law firm. Michael Jabro always looked for the best interest of my children and he utilized his excellent judgment and experience to be an invaluable advocate, mentor and friend. I am deeply appreciative of the work he has done (much of it under difficult circumstances to say the least), and I would highly recommend him and his office to anyone in the midst of a divorce or custody dispute. By the way, I will never forget what aggressive approach in showing the Court what a liar my wife was in filing a restraining order against me – you exposed her lies to the Court and I am grateful for that. I would recommend Michael to anyone and everyone seeking a divorce and fighting for custody of their children.”

 – Farah Dadonas

Domestic Violence Lawyer San Diego

“Michael I can never thank you for protecting my son from a physically abusive and alcoholic father. Thank you for advising me of my rights and being there for me every step of the way. The fact that I had your cell phone number and knew that I could contact you whenever I needed made me feel secure and safe. Mr. Jabro is one of the most organized, focused, and dedicated person I have ever met. You helped explain every step of the case. At trial the judge ordered physical custody to me with two hour supervised visitation with Caleb’s father per week. I will never forget the words he told said to me after trial when I thanked him for “winning”. He said neither parent won in the eyes of your son. The only thing that we accomplished is the fact that we made father understand that he has a problem and maybe after this hearing he will straighten out his addiction and will be able to stay in his son’s life. That is when you can celebrate winning. Mr. Jabro you are one of the most respectful personal I have ever met. Throughout this whole ordeal you showed me nothing but respect and in retrospect you advocated for my child’s well being. Your services were invaluable and for that I am grateful.”

 – Danny D.

Personal Injury in San Diego

“After my accident, I was referred by a family member who had hired Michael and Dena for his accident years ago. He said that both Michael and Dena were really good and recommended them, so I came in for a consultation. My experience with these two attorneys was amazing. They were nice, personable and very knowledgeable. I had never been in an accident that caused me severe injuries as this one did so I did not know what to expect. They walked me through every step. They were not only my attorneys but they counseled me and gave me incredible advice. I never had to wonder what was going to happen next. They kept me in the loop and they were very easy to reach if I had any questions. Providing me with their cell phones and personally returning my calls as opposed to their assistance made me feel like I was truly their top priority. Prior to hiring Michael and Dena, the person’s insurance company that hit me offered to settle the case for $5,000.00. Michael and Dena negotiated my settlement for $450,000.00. I thank my family for referring me to their firm.”

– Vicky Y.

Civil Suit Attorneys San Diego

“A civil suit can be nerve-wracking and stressful, especially for one with no experience in this area. After I was sued I panicked not knowing what to do. I am very grateful that I chose Jabro Law Group to represent us in our case…. each of you made my wife and I feel very welcomed with your friendly, accommodating, and knowledgeable office. We put our trust in your hands and we thank you for defending our case. Throughout the lawsuit my wife and I were very nervous. Dena and Mike calmed our fears and helped us though it – before and during the depositions and all the way through trial. They were extremely professional and used sound judgment. I deferred to them and relied on them when decisions had to be made, and it gave us a very favorable result at the end. Both my wife and I were extremely impressed with the calm yet firm manner Michal and Dena presented our defense. They filed and defended against numerous motions and their trial skills are impeccable from their opening and closing statements as well as counter arguments to motions by the defense. I have never met attorneys so aggressive and knowledgeable in my life. I will refer this firm to any person that needs legal help in the future.”

– Joey D.

Car Accident Lawyer San Diego

“My son was a passenger in a terrible auto accident. We talked to several lawyers before we came across Jabro Law Group. I started reading customer testimonials on their website and was convinced to call them. I’m so glad we did; we were amazed through the whole process! The fact that these attorneys were prior defense attorneys was invaluable to our case. We were amazed by Michael and Dena throughout the whole process? We could never have done what you did for us. We both thank you so much.”

– Melanie B.

San Diego Lawyers

“I am a longtime client of Michael Jabro, Esq., and recommend him to anyone in need of competent, reliable and trustworthy legal advice. Be forewarned, Mike is not the kind of attorney that will sugar coat your situation or legal options to make you feel better; his goal is clearly to successfully represent his clients to the best if his abilities (and this counsel has skills)! Mike is an experienced trial attorney in the areas of family law, criminal law and personal injury. If you ever find yourself in need of an attorney, do yourself a favor and call Mike first.”

– Maya C., San Diego, CA