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At Jabro Law Group, our Attorneys understand the complex relational dynamics involved in conflicts with business partnerships, whether it involves professional practice, service companies, family business, or retail stores.  Conflicts in partnerships often center on issues of trust, control, and finances.
Partnership disputes are usually complex because no one really knows how well-crafted partnership agreements are until they are examined under the possibility of litigation. This is when our legal expertise coupled with our business experience becomes our clients’ most valuable resource. The lessons learned and the legal experience of our firm can provide insights not readily available from other lawyers and firms.
Partnership formation documents are key when forming a business relationship and it is critical to have a well drafted partnership agreement.  Issues that should be addressed include the concerns and goals of each partner, the particular commercial enterprise of the partnership, the expected roles and duties of each partner, the initial financial contribution of each partner, the control of partnership finances, procedures for dissolution (both voluntary and involuntary), the method of evaluating the partnership, the allocation of debts, auditing and fraud prevention, and procedures and restrictions on transferring ownership interests to third parties.
Some of the most common partnership disputes that can be addressed with the help of an experienced Attorney during formation include discussions regarding conflict-resolution of potential clashing personalities, declining partnership revenues, the direction of the business, potential arguments over profit, and partnership control interests.

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