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When spouses or domestic partners legally separate, divorce, or otherwise legally terminate their relationship, one of the parties may seek spousal support, also known as alimony or maintenance, from the other. In order to establish and receive spousal support, a court case will ensue. An order from the court for spousal or partner support can also be pursued in cases of domestic violence. A temporary support order can be requested while a divorce or legal separation is pending. It can also be requested as permanent support once the case is finalized. Two important factors in this matter are calculating the support and duration of support payments. If you need to seek spousal support due to a legal separation, divorce, termination of a domestic partnership, or domestic violence situation in San Diego, we highly recommend that you talk with an experienced attorney at Jabro Law Group to preserve and protect your rights. Here, we concentrate on divorce and family law issues, such as spousal support and because we deal with these issues on a day to day basis, we are extremely familiar with all of the legal factors and nuances involved in their resolution.

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In the determination of spousal support, courts will consider many factors. These include the employment skills of the spouse requesting support, how much education, training, or time may be required to improve those skills, and how the earning capacity of that spouse was affected during the marriage or partnership by domestic duties. Another important factor considered is how long the marriage or partnership lasted. A general rule of thumb is that spousal support may be required for half of the length of the marriage or partnership. In long-term marriages, such as those exceeding 10 years, however, this rule of thumb may not apply, resulting in longer terms of support. Judges have the discretion to determine the issue of spousal support, based on the facts and circumstances of each individual case. Ensuring that your case is presented in an effective and aggressive manner, whether you are seeking or contesting support, is crucial. Our firm will work vigorously to help you obtain your objectives in these matters.

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